The Engineers

Lee Neuschwander


 "My name is Lee Neuschwander, I'm a Student Level Designer at the University of Utah in the EAE Program. I am a level designer by trade with additional focus in programming and technical design for video games. My skills are directed in world building, level design, game-play testing, and adaptive game development. With a focus in level design, It's my drive to create games that capture players in unique and engaging worlds that have players wanting to come back to and play them over and over again after a hard day of work. I want my levels that I create to be the fantasy that inspire people to keep playing long after they said they should’ve gone to sleep. "

Jolie Uk


 "Hi, my name is Jolie Uk. I have a love for both the art and computer science side of game design so I’m an aspiring Technical Artist. What I find really interesting in game design is how numbers and images come together to make a world that you can interact with. Similarly, how video games are on the frontier of new technology. My plan is to go to graduate school so that I can expand my skill set. In my free time I like to read, play video games, and draw. "

Kathy Huang


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Erin Eccleston


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John Scowcroft


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John McParland


"My name is John, and I'm a frontend developer / student of the EAE program at the U. I believe that a good game isn't just the sum of its parts, but the way those parts come together. Because of this, I'm always trying to broaden my horizons and learn about every aspect of the game development process that I can. My current focuses include UI, UX, game theory, C#, Unity, Unreal, and Maya. My personal website is"

The Artists

Mandy Xiao


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Emily Gosch


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Kenady Holmstead


"My name is Kenady Holmstead. I am a freelance digital artist and  currently studying at the University of Utah. I’m a game design student  with an animation emphasis. My love for 3D artwork and animation began  with playing games growing up. I want to bring life to characters,  environments, and adventures with modeling, sculpting, rigging and  movement. I want to help build games that influence artists to continue  creating, as they did for me."

Jack Tran


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Hai Nguyen


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Michael Caldwell


"My name is Michael Caldwell. I'm currently studying at the University of Utah to be a concept artist and animator. My passion for game design bridges both video games and board games. Even with an art focus, I like to work a bit on all aspects of the pipeline. Coding, modeling, UI, management, and tech art, all fall under my interests.

Check out my artwork at --  "